2k Transparent Sealer

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Kapci 620 is an extraordinary transparent 2K acrylic sealer with excellent adhesion properties over non-sanded areas. As an adhesion promoter, Kapci 620 transparent sealer eliminates the requirement to sand substrates. Kapci 620 transparent sealer is used as: - Adhesion promoter sealer over non-sanded finish paints; - Non-sanding transparent sealer; - Isolator over sanded surfaces; Suitable substrates Kapci 620 Transparent sealer may be applied over OEM finishes, existing 2K refinish paints and undercoats. Substrates should be just cleaned thoroughly when using Kapci 620 as an adhesion promoter. Note: Areas which are liable to damage, such as wheel arches, leading edges or sills will benefit from additional adhesion if previously sanded with scotchbrite pad. When using Kapci 620 as a sealer or an isolator, substrates need to be sanded prior to applying top coats. Note: In all cases surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly